Uke's Harley-Davidson®
5995 120th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144-7506
Uke's Museum

Uke's Museum

The Uke's Team would like to invite you to visit our 3000 square foot museum filled with vintage signage, parts, and Uke's Harley-Davidson® memorabilia dating back to 1930 when Uke first opened the dealership. You are also invited to cruise through our three rooms of Harley-Davidson® and Buell motorcycles with over 30 on display.

There is a section devoted to displaying Keith's (owner) racing career including his racing motorcycles, leathers, steel shoe and news articles written about him.

On display you will also find hard cover Harley-Davidson® enthusiast magazines from 1930 as well as a 1930 Harley-Davidson® which sold for $295 as the brochure shows. Above the 1930 Harley-Davidson® you will see the 4 cents that Uke took in that first day April 1, 1930 and coins left by fellow guests from around the world.


The Harley-Davidson®/Rolling stone Voodoo Lounge Tour Giveaway 

The white paint on the tank and fenders is meant to represent cocaine lines

The way we came to have this bike in our museum is interesting. Harley-Davidson® was having a sweepstakes that you needed to sign up to win this motorcycle at any Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge concert or any Harley-Davidson® dealership. One of our customers, Debbie Martin, signed herself and her friend up (without him even realizing) to win. Sure enough her friend, Bob Duffy, gets a call that he won!! 

He was a longtime customer and rider so he traded in in to us for a new Ultra. We both walked away happy.On a side note, in 1996 we were offered $50,000 for the motorcycle from an avid Rolling Stones fan.


1st year of the telescopic front end (no springs), which was named the Hydra-Glide

2nd year of the pan head

Large front brake

Tank mounted speedometer

1949 Harley-Davidson® FL Hydra Glide motorcycle was popular with riders for its modern design, comfortable ride, and larger front break. The Hydra-Glide front forks replaced the former leading-link forks

Great Harley-Davidson Dealership with a great staff! When visiting make sure to visit the museum upstairs. HINT: Look for the 1000lbs chocolate motorcycle! Also while checking out the chocolate motorcycle make sure to spend some time checking out all the other HD memorabilia. Arlen B.