HOG Visa Ride 365 Rewards

HOG Visa Ride 365 Rewards

To further align with our shared goals and reward some of our most loyal customers, Harley-Davidson® Visa® is excited to announce a new card member benefit launching January 1, 2020. This new, H.O.G.® exclusive benefit will allow qualifying card members to earn Genuine Rewards points for the miles they ride on their Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Like other Ride 365 Mileage programs, this new benefit rewards your riding and your loyalty.  If you’re a card member you’ll earn points for riding on top of those the points you earn by using your card.

Who is a qualifying card member?      

To qualify for this benefit, a rider must be a Primary H-D® Visa card member (meaning you are the first person listed on their H-D Visa monthly statement) in good standing and an active, Full, National H.O.G.® member.

How It Works

Effective January 1, 2020, qualifying card members must visit an H-D® dealership to get an odometer reading to activate this benefit. The ending mileage entry for this reading will be the mileage starting point for the card member. Each subsequent odometer reading will earn them points based on the miles they rode since their last reading. Every mile earns one point and up to 50,000 points can be earned in a calendar year. That’s up to $500 in H-D™ Gift Cards per year!

Good to Know

Qualifying card members must remain active and in good standing to earn and be awarded points. Encourage H.O.G.® members to keep their Full H.O.G.® membership active by renewing on time and to use their H-D™ Visa card and remain in good standing.

Only miles ridden on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle will qualify for this benefit.

Points are awarded approximately 8-12 weeks after each subsequent reading unless further verification is required.

Odometer readings may require further verification to prevent gaming and promote timely entry of odometer readings. Mileage awarded is determined solely by Harley-Davidson, Inc.  Points may be adjusted at any time if it’s discovered that they were awarded inconsistent with the rules of this mileage benefit or erroneously awarded due to entry errors in the database.

Qualifying card members can earn points for miles and participate alongside other H.O.G.® Ride 365 Mileage Programs.

Details on Odometer Reading and Mileage Entry Processes

This process is the same as the H.O.G.® Ride 365 Mileage entry process.